What fabric are casino craps layouts

What fabric are casino craps layouts, is a question we get asked often. For the past 5 years casinos have transitioned to polyester cotton fabric. The reason for this is this fabric can be sublimation dyed. This enables us to create a blank canvas to a multi color masterpiece. There are a few variations to this…


Cup holders wholesale priced

Cup holders wholesale priced offered to the public. Stainless steel, brass, plastic and acrylic.

For Blackjack tables, roulette tables, poker tables, craps tables. Car consoles, trucks, limousines, bus and more

What goes under a craps table layout

I get asked quite often buy my customers “how do I get the same bounce as the casino craps table”. Depending on the bounce you want I recommend vinyl for a smaller bounce of dice and for a trampoline bounce 1/8″ closed cell volara foam. Both need to get sprayed down to the plywood with…