Craps table layout

Craps table layout questions and answers. We are asked what type of material do we use, we use a microfiber material that holds up longer then most fabrics on the market. Does it have a backing, no there are no backing for this material. What size should I use, casinos use what is called a 12 foot to 14 foot table. Though actual measurement of table includes the drink rail. Actual playing area is smaller. We are the direct importer of the cloth for printers that print for casinos. our stock and custom layouts are the same fabric. We stock single dealer layouts, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot and 14 foot craps layouts. Ready for same day shipping

quality poker chips

Low cost quality poker chip triangle elite

Low cost quality poker chip triangle elite

We have designed a new poker chip with the idea of quality and high end design

11 denominations offered

flat rate shipping offered

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blackjack layout custom

blackjack layout custom

Allow us to assist you in creating your custom blackjack layout

Using your ideas with our consultation in design.

We will assist you in printing your thoughts to cloth

call 702-245-8828 for inquire

Craps layout custom

Craps layout custom

We can assist you in creating your custom craps layout

Your ideas with our design assistance creating any size you need

call us to assist you on your next design 702-245-8828

Poker layout customize

Poker layout customize

Every customer has there own unique requirements for the custom poker layout.

We can assist you in creating your thoughts to cloth

Call us to create your next poker layout 702-245-8828

casino dealer shoe

Dealing shoes is there a difference

Dealing shoes is there a difference

The answer to this question is yes there is a difference

There a plastic dealing shoes and acrylic dealing shoes. Acrylic are better quality and worth the extra money

The other differences are thickness, plastic shoes are normally1/8″ thick were acrylic are 1/4″ thick

The last is the roller weight, you want at least an 8 oz roller

We stock only 1/4″ thick dealer shoes that are acrylic

Drink cup holder what type and size should you use

Drink cup holder what type and size should you use

This is a common question I get asked

There are 5 common materials used and either drop in or slide under

A drop in cup holder normally will go into a pre cut opening

A slide under has a welded extension that will go under a rail or edge molding

The materials used most commonly are Stainless steel, brass (light weight brass), plastic (injection molded), acrylic and aluminum.

The sizes commonly used and in stock with us

Standard size used for soda can size, long neck bottles, cocktail glass

Jumbo size which can fit a mug, 40 oz larger bottles, stem wine glasses

Dual size has the best of both has the stand size ad the bottom and jumbo at the top

There are also some design differences on the acrylic there is one that has slots for coffer mug or beer mug handles

For a full detail and sizes visit all drink cup holders on our website or call me to discuss your needs





craps layout 12 foot black

What fabric are casino craps layouts

What fabric are casino craps layouts, is a question we get asked often.

For the past 5 years casinos have transitioned to polyester cotton fabric.

The reason for this is this fabric can be sublimation dyed.

This enables us to create a blank canvas to a multi color masterpiece.

There are a few variations to this fabric, some have more polyester which is known as synthetic and is the lower quality.

The other is known as microfiber and has more cotton and is the higher quality.

Our stock layouts are the microfiber  and are the lowest cost on the market without reducing the quality.

Check us out at for all your casino supplies.

Cup holders wholesale priced

Cup holders wholesale priced offered to the public. Stainless steel, brass, plastic and acrylic.

For Blackjack tables, roulette tables, poker tables, craps tables. Car consoles, trucks, limousines, bus and more

Recently added single dealer craps layouts with e and c

Recently added stock single dealer craps layouts with c and e